Browse available strategies.

Starting out with 3 basic strategies, more to come. Each strategy consists of different ETH trade positions and how much of your investment would be allocated to each position. For example, Moderate strategy recommends you allocate 75% of your invested amount to purchasing ETH 20 Day Moving Average TokenSet and 25% to ETH Long position with 2X leverage.

See what your exposure would look like.

See what your asset exposure would look like if you invested $X amount using a particular strategy. For example, if current price of ETH is $200 and you invested $10,000 using Moderate ETH strategy, your resulting asset exposure would be 2,500 cDai and 50 ETH. You can change your hypothetical investment amount by clicking edit icon on top right.

Gain/Loss Calculator.

View Gain/Loss if price of ETH reached $X amount within X days. You can edit your forecasted ETH price, leverage amount, interest rates and trade duration to see how they effect your Gain/Loss.